Posted by: Preston | March 19, 2010


Okay, I am not insulted that nobody visited my first blog.  I know, it takes time.  Anyway, here is part 2 about preparing for the infamous SAT:

There are many general and specific strategies for improving test scores, but I will focus on the few that I consider most important.  These suggestions either come from  my experience with tutoring or have been extracted and summarized from the Barron’s book previously mentioned in my first blog.


  • Know and understand the purpose and format of the SAT.
  • Establish a structured program of study, devoting a set amount of time each week.
  • Do many full-length practice tests spread out over an extended period, preferably one to two months, so that you can continually assess your strengths and weaknesses.  These tests also will help you to develop the stamina needed for this rather lengthy test, as well as make the test itself go much more smoothly on the big day. (Use the following strategies when taking these practice tests.)
  • Keep a cumulative list of notes, such as common errors you make or particular mathematical formulas that trip you up, so you can review them prior to the test.

More to follow…


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