Posted by: Preston | October 19, 2010

even MORE on the SAT

Hello all.  Got away from this for a while–been busy tutoring.  Here are some general test-taking strategies for the SAT…

  • Pace yourself and answer the easy questions first, being careful not to lose your place on the answer sheet.
  • Keep careful track of your time and do not waste it by reading instructions—be familiar with them based on having taken numerous practice tests in preparation.
  • Based on statistical analysis, it is recommended that you make an educated guess whenever you can eliminate at least one choice (although I recommend that students play the better odds and consider their own comfort level, instead guessing only when two choices can be eliminated).  Exception:  There is no penalty for guessing on the student-produced response sections of mathematics, so try them all.
  • You do not need to answer each question to do well.
  • Go with your first answer, unless you have very good reason to change it.
  • Make sure that you answer the actual question that is asked, paying careful attention to, and even underlining, words such as LEAST, NOT, NEVER, EXCEPT, etc.
  • The last questions in a section or group, especially in the mathematics sections, are more difficult.  However, do not spend an inordinate amount of time on any one question despite its location on the test, since they are all worth just one point.
  • Put question marks in the test booklet if you are uncertain of your answer or want to return to a problem if you have time at the end of completing that section.

Look for info on more specific test-taking strategies next…


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